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Niko Steel Engg LLP is a manufacturer, supplier, and stockholder of the alloy steel bolts/screw. Our bolts and screws are available with various sizes, lengths, and thicknesses. We are following the international and national standards for our products. Screws and bolts both are fasteners that assist in placing the objects and joining them together. But not every screw bolts. Some types of screws are hex cap screws, heavy hex screws, and headcote screws. And the example of bolts includes heavy hex bolts.

The screw has a one end head. The head of the screw is driven with a wrench or screwdriver. Generally, screws are turned into an object such as wooden piece, so the head requires to be large than the surface. Bolts is also a screw that turns into a nut for tightening it. Bolt's head is bigger than its shaft. The bolts shafts are not conical, whereas some screws are conical. The primary dissimilarity between a screw and a bolt is that a bolt needs a nut to protect it, and an usual screw can mechanism on its own. Alloy steel is containing various elements such as boron, silicon, vanadium, chromium, nickel, manganese, and molybdenum. These elements of alloy are added to toughness, wear resistance, hardness, and increase strength. Alloy steel might be categorized into two classes that are high alloy steel and low alloy steel. A high alloying element percentage defines high alloy steel. The low alloy steels contain a very low amount of alloying elements.

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The applications of alloy steels are electric motors, power generator, transformers, auto parts, pipelines, heat exchangers, chemical equipment, paper, pulp, food processing, automobiles, mining, machinery and equipment, railways, road construction, buildings, appliances and off-shore applications, oil, and gas, etc. The properties of CrMo Bolt and Screw are proof load, yield strength, tensile strength, elongation, and hardness Our chrome moly bolts/screw are tested by various test methods such as hardness tests, macro tests, nondestructive tests, positive material tests, intergranular corrosion tests, micro tests, destructive tests, chemical tests, corrosion resistance test, radiography test, and many more. The packaging includes wooden boxes, cartons, and pallets.

Specification of Alloy Steel Bolt/Screw
Standard : ASTM A194
Dimension : DIN, ASTM, BS and all International Standards
Size : M02 to M33
Materials / Grades : Alloy Steel HT 8.8
Length : UPTO 5 METERS
Type : Hex Bolt/ Hex Screw, Square Head Bolt, U Bolt, Carriage Bolt, Eye Bolt, T Bolt/ J Bolt/ L bolt, Flange Bolt, Coach Screw etc.
Alloy Steel Bolts / Screw Grade

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Quality Assurance of Alloy Steel Bolt-Screw

Alloy Steel Bolts and Screws are manufactured and controlled to international standards such as ASTM, ASME, BS, MSS, EN, DIN or WERKSTOFFE. Our products undergo stringent quality tests before they are dispatched.