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Niko steel ENGG LLP offers the highest quality of anchors which are produced using the various forms of stainless steel available among which the most prominent ones are the 304 and 304L grades. The main purpose of these anchors is found in a variety of industries such as the brick installation, and castable retaining. The fact that they are used widely is because of the properties they show such as the resistance to corrosion, durability, and the dimensional accuracy.

We offer a large variety of anchors that vary in shape. Moreover, the anchors that we produce are easily fixable by using the process of welding or by making use of a simple thread. The chemicals included in the various types of anchors are the main reason for the excellent properties of the anchors such as the welding properties, fabrication, and formability.

The anchors find their use in various industries such as the oil mills, petrochemical industries, chemical industries, and many more. They show the uttermost importance when the deed is about special fabrications.

There are other applications as well that find the use of anchors such as the thermal cycling, and moderate mechanical shock. They can be welded with the help of all the technologies which are developed for welding.

We offer a wide range of anchors such as the UV, ceramic, Y, V, ceramic fiber, crook anchors, and ceramic anchors. All of these have varying applications in various equipment as well as furnaces.

There are a lot of specifications in the anchors such as the reliable performance they provide, sturdy construction of their body, and the excellent tensile strength. Moreover, they are capable of bearing high tension conditions, and provide a great resistance to rust. These features are found in various grades of the anchors. The anchors are ideal for high temperature conditions under which it falls under the process of oxidation. Furthermore, they won’t scale in such high conditions of temperature since they are completely resistant to it.

The anchors that we at Niko Steel ENGG LLP provide are tested before they are out for shipment. We conduct tests like hardness tests and flaring tests.

Specification of Anchor
Dimension : ASTM,DIN, BS,GB, IS and all International Standards
Thickness : 2 to 12 mm
Heat Treatment : Annealing, Stress Relieving, Case Hardening, Quenching and Tempering.
Type : Y Anchor, U Anchor, V Anchor, Crook Anchor, Sleeve Anchor, Wedge Anchor, U Hooks, Resin Anchor Bolt etc.
Anchor Materials

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