Different Types Of Anchor Fasteners Used In Building And Structures

This blog discusses and sheds light on the numerous types of Anchor Fasteners used in the construction of buildings and structures.

There are 2 main types of fasteners and numerous sub-categories. The two main types of fasteners available in the market are: –

  • Mechanical Anchor Fastener and
  • Chemical Anchor Fasteners

Mechanical fasteners used in construction.

Definition: – A mechanical anchor fastener utilizes the physical attribute of friction to set itself in place. When pushed through a hole, mechanical fasteners cause the diameter of the hole to expand. Let us have a look at the top 5 types of Mechanical Anchor Fasteners available.

  • Clamping Anchor:

A clamping anchor is used to connect numerous cables in a group of two or four. All of the cables should have an equal cross-section area. The clamp is bolted and tightened.

  • Concrete wedge anchor:

When a hole is drilled into a concrete structure, wedge anchors are used. The concrete wedge anchors are inserted into the concrete hole in the wall using the drilling process. Galvanized and zinc plated anchors are the most commonly used variants depending on the environment of the application.

  • Screw Anchors:

This is the most commonly seen anchor and can be made out of any material such as plastic, metal, alloys, fiber, etc. These anchor fittings are used to fit components into brittle walls and materials.

  • Under Anchor:

This anchor works according to a string lock mechanism. A mechanical interlock insinuates the working of this anchor.

  • Plastic Anchors:

Plastic anchors are used to mounting materials that are light in weight and porous. The working of a plastic anchor fitting is similar to that of an expansion anchor. The physical phenomenon of torque is used to carry out this application.

Let us learn about What are Chemical Anchor Fasteners and what are their types?

Chemical fastener anchors are used for fastening applications in concrete applications. with the help of chemicals to fill in all the regularities, a resin fitting is inserted.

What are the top 5 types of Chemical fasteners?

  • Polyester anchors
  • Vinylester Chemical Anchors
  • Unsaturated Chemical Anchors
  • Epoxy standard Anchors
  • Resin Anchors, etc.

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