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Mild steel anchors are essential components in construction and engineering applications, known for their durability and versatility. These anchors are typically made from low-carbon steel, making them highly corrosion-resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Mild steel anchors come in various shapes and sizes, including wedge, drop-in, and sleeve anchors, catering to a wide range of fastening needs.

Mild Steel Anchors are versatile fasteners commonly used in construction and structural applications due to their durability and corrosion resistance. Alloy 20 Anchors, on the other hand, are specifically designed for use in highly corrosive environments, offering exceptional resistance to acidic and corrosive substances.

Their reliability makes them popular for securing heavy machinery, structural elements, and fixtures in concrete, masonry, or other solid substrates. Mild steel anchor ease of installation and cost-effectiveness make ,steel anchors a preferred option for builders and contractors, ensuring the safety and stability of structures while minimizing maintenance requirements over time.

Mild Steel Anchors, also known as Mild Carbon Steel Anchors, are robust and durable fasteners designed for secure attachment in different applications, thanks to their strength and resistance to corrosion. Mild Steel Anchors are durable fasteners commonly used in construction and manufacturing, with grade designation typically referring to the strength and corrosion resistance of the steel, such as Mild Steel Anchor Grade 4.6 indicating a moderate level of strength.

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Mild Anchors are versatile fasteners designed for securing objects to concrete, brick, or masonry surfaces, with various types of mild steel anchors, such as wedge, sleeve, and drop-in anchors, available for different applications.

Mild Steel Anchors are versatile fasteners commonly used in construction and manufacturing applications, offering durability and reliability. One prominent Mild Steel Anchor Manufacturer in Mumbai is NIKO Steel & Engineering LLP is known for producing high-quality anchors that meet industry standards.

What is the advantage of using mild steel anchors?
Mild steel anchors are known for their strength, durability, and affordability. They are suitable for a wide range of applications and are readily available in various sizes and configurations.

Where are mild steel anchors commonly used?
Mild steel anchors are commonly used in construction and DIY projects to secure items like shelves, brackets, machinery, fences, and more to solid surfaces. They are also used in concrete and masonry applications.

What types of mild steel anchors are available?
There are several types of mild steel anchors, including wedge anchors, sleeve anchors, drop-in anchors, and concrete screws. Each type is designed for specific applications and installation methods.

Specification of Mild Steel Anchor
Standard : ASTM A307, A563, F2329 / F2329M-15
Dimension : ASTM,DIN, BS,GB, IS and all International Standards
Thickness : 2 to 12 mm
Heat Treatment : Annealing, Stress Relieving, Case Hardening, Quenching and Tempering.
Type : Y Anchor, U Anchor, V Anchor, Crook Anchor, Sleeve Anchor, Wedge Anchor, U Hooks, Resin Anchor Bolt etc.
Mild Steel Anchor Grade

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Quality Assurance of Mild Steel Anchors

Mild Steel Anchors are manufactured and controlled to international standards such as ASTM, ASME, BS, MSS, EN, DIN or WERKSTOFFE. Our products undergo stringent quality tests before they are dispatched.