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Monel K500 are the type of threaded rods that fall in the category of Nickel copper alloy and are manufactured, exported, and stocked by Niko Steel Engg LLP. We offer high quality products and use the best quality raw materials.

Monel K500 Threaded Rod shows an excellent resistance to corrosion and an outstanding resistance from the flow of seawater. They also show high resistance from corrosion in saline solutions, monoxide acids, and alkaline solutions. Monel Alloy K500 Threaded Rods has its major application in dry gases such as chlorine and hydrochloric gas. Moreover, they are also used for offshore applications such as desalinization.

The area an ideal equipment for nuclear technology-related applications such as fuel processing and finds its application in various industries such as water heaters in power stations that experience high pressure, crude oil distillation, and chemical industrial applications. They have further capability of being applicable in environmental technology such as an in installation of steam, and for crystallizers in the sewage industry.

Alloy K500 Threaded Rod is a metal piece that can have a threading pattern either inside or outside. They can also be threaded as per the requirements of the customers. The threaded rods that Niko Steel Engg LLP develops are assured to be manufactured by following all the international standards such as DIN, JIS, ISI, BS, ASTM, AISI, etc.

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It is known with various common names such as alloy k500 threaded rod bards, UNS N05500 bars, etc. There is a lot of variation in the designs and the patterns of the Monel K500 Threaded Rod. However, the material is the same for all the manufacturing and they differ only on the basis of their threading pattern. The most basic pattern of threading is the full thread bars pattern that is made in accordance with the specifications of DIN 975. There are two specifications that are required to be available in all the threaded rod bars. First is the dimensional specification and the other one is the metallurgical specification which includes the chemical and the mechanical properties of the rod. Our products always make sure that these specifications are up to the level.

Specification of Monel K500 Threaded Rod
Standard : ASTM F468, ASTM F467
Dimension : ASTM, DIN, BS, GB, IS and all International Standards
Size : M6 to M52 & 1/4" to 2"
Length : 1000mm to 3000mm & 1feet to 12feet
Standard : DIN975
Materials / Grades : Monel K500
Finish : Zinc Plated, Plain, Hot Dip Galv. & Yellow Zinc
Other Properties of Monel K500 Threaded Rod

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Quality Assurance of Monel K500 Threaded Rod

Monel K500 Threaded Rod are manufactured and controlled to international standards such as ASTM, ASME, BS, MSS, EN, DIN or WERKSTOFFE. Our products undergo stringent quality tests before they are dispatched.