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Niko steel Engg LLP is a popular stockiest, supplier and distributor of a wide variety of washers having different measurements. The most popular product designed by our company is the alloy 20 washer. All our products are designed in accordance with the industrial standards and are manufactured using high quality raw materials and latest technology. All our products are calibrated with the international standards and therefore it helps us in obtaining good accuracy. Our quality engineers ensure that the best material is selected from the raw material stage to the final production. Alloy 20 is a very popular combination of nickel and iron that is developed in such a way that it is capable of resisting any corrosive nature.

The fabrication of the alloy is done with popular methods like welding and machining. After going through designing the washers that are finally obtained are of high-grade quality and with minimum errors. The qualities that are present in the Alloy 20Cb-3 washers include good mechanical strength, good toughness, and robust structure. The presence of nickel in the alloy gives the substance an ability to sustain the varying conditions of temperature and pressure. Because of the industrial characteristics of the Carpenter 20 washers, these are significantly used in various industries. The industries include the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, and food industry. There are various forms in which the alloy 20 is available and these include the alloy in the bar shape, fittings and to name a few. The properties of the alloy 20 gave it excellent carbide control and exceptional mechanical properties. The best thing about the Carpenter/Incoloy 20 washers is that it can be even used for the acidic atmospheres also and gives the best results in such environments.

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Our company provides different certificates to ensure the quality of our Carpenter 20 washers. The certificates include raw material test reports and certificates of origin. Various kinds of tests are conducted like sound test and corrosion-resistant test. All our products are covered with the plastics and placed in the wooden boxes to ensure safe handling and transportation.

Specification of Alloy 20 Washer
Standard : ASTM / ASME
Dimension : ASTM, DIN, BS, GB, IS and all International Standards
Length : M02 to M33
Washer Size : 3 mm to 200 mm
Materials / Grades : Alloy 20
Type : Plain Washer, Spring Washer, Tooth Washer, Tapper Washer, Tab Washer, Star Washer etc.
Other Properties of Alloy 20 Washer

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Other Alloy 20 Washer Types

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Quality Assurance of Alloy 20 Washers

Alloy 20 Washers are manufactured and controlled to international standards such as ASTM, ASME, BS, MSS, EN, DIN or WERKSTOFFE. Our products undergo stringent quality tests before they are dispatched.