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Niko steel Engg LLP is a reliable industry that is fully involved in manufacturing, supplying and keeping in stock quality of Self tapping screw. This is provided in both custom-made and standard specifications as per clients' demands.

Self tapping screw drills own holes when it is screwed in the materials like metal, wood, etc. By making use of the screwdriver for attaching the self tapping screw, fitted threads can be created.

These screws are the right choice for combining two kinds of materials. It is good to use this type of screws for those products that on a regular basis needs proper maintenance. It is like air-conditioning canopies or units, where the items are to be reassembled or dissembled with the same threads.

There are 2 kinds of self tapping screws available namely thread cutting and thread forming. Thread cutting screw is used for metal, taking away the material and generating the threaded path for a screw. The minus point of the threaded screw is that they strip when the fastener is disassembled. If it happens, ensure to use a little bit larger self tapping screw at the time of reassembling a product.

Thread forming screw is the meant for plastic, distorting a material as screw gets in. As thread forming screw remains into the material tightly a risk of screw over-tightening is there. This can cause a material to easily break under the pressure.

The long-term solution to avoid stripping is from the beginning installing the metal insert into the material. Then one can fasten/unfasten with the screw of a proper size screw without the need to impairment the material. The insert are shaped for reducing stress and then gets expanded as screw gets in.

Self tapping screw is available in all sizes and types and ate having several shaped heads. When one chooses the appropriate size of self-tapping screw, you must consider the screw tip length as per the thickness of the material.

Enough space should be there for the tip of a drilled screw. This is to completely enter the material before threading start. Or else the screw driving will lead a thread stripping and the end result will not be secured properly.

Specification of Self Tapping Screw
Dimension : ASTM,DIN, BS,GB, IS and all International Standards
Length : 3 mm to 200 mm
Self Tapping Screw Size : M1.6 to M64 | Custom Sizes
Heat Treatment : Annealing, Stress Relieving, Case Hardening, Quenching and Tempering.
Type : Pan Slotted, CSK Slotted, Pan Philips, CSK Philips, Wood Screw etc.
Self Tapping Screw Materials

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