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Niko Steel ENGG LLP is the name you can trust for manufacture and export of Alloy 20 Threaded Rod. We make this product in various shapes and sizes to fit all the needs of a customer. It is one of the best corrosion-resistant alloys available in mid-range. They are also known by the name of carpenter 20 and 20cb-3. They are the ideal rods that provide the user with a perfect combination of chromium, nickel, copper, and molybdenum. Due to this combination, it has a high resistance from corrosion.

They are the perfect choice for mid-ranged alloys that are resistant to corrosion. They are much better than steel alloys but they lack the level of nickel-based alloys because they provide high performance. Alloy 20Cb-3® Threaded Rod is specially made to bear the harsh and corrosive environmental conditions such as sulfuric acid and many other acids. It can easily fight the harsh environment of these chemicals. It certainly fits the condition where you are not in need of a corrosion-resistant and costs a lot at the same time. But when you are in need of an alloy that provides excellent protection which is much better than that of a 316 stainless steel then the Alloy 20 Threaded Rod is a perfect choice.

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Carpenter® 20 Threaded Rod provides a good resistance from corrosion that occurs due to the sulfuric acid. Moreover, they also provide a good resistance against the cracking from stress-corrosion and cracking due to the boiling sulfuric acid that has a concentration of 20 to 40 percent. They provide rigid protection from the acid and are better than duplex or Monel stainless steel in terms of performance. However, they lack in performance when it comes to high temperature and high acid concentration atmospheres. Moreover, they also possess resistance against nitric acid as well as phosphoric acid. Threaded rods are renowned by the name of stud bolts and it is nothing but a rod which has threading all over its body. They are available in a variety of classifications and all of them have varying usage in various industries.

Specification of Alloy 20 Threaded Rod
Standard : ASTM B473, ASME SB473
Dimension : ASTM, DIN, BS, GB, IS and all International Standards
Size : M6 to M52 & 1/4" to 2"
Length : 1000mm to 3000mm & 1feet to 12feet
Standard : DIN975
Materials / Grades : Alloy 20
Finish : Zinc Plated, Plain, Hot Dip Galv. & Yellow Zinc
Other Properties of Alloy 20 Threaded Rod

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Other Alloy 20 Threaded Rod Types

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Quality Assurance of Alloy 20 Threaded Rod

Alloy 20 Threaded Rod are manufactured and controlled to international standards such as ASTM, ASME, BS, MSS, EN, DIN or WERKSTOFFE. Our products undergo stringent quality tests before they are dispatched.