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Niko Steel Engg LLP is one of the most popular suppliers as well as manufacture, stockiest and exporters of the product Titanium Threaded Rod in the global market today. Our products are very much demand in the market because we work to produce a high quality of products for all our new and old customers.

The threaded rods are rods which offered in a variety of shapes, sizes, thickness, specifications, grades, alloys, standards, designations, etc in order to fulfill all the demands of the customers. Moreover, it is available in such variant specification which makes it as one of the most usable products in various processes and industries. Titanium Threaded Rod is a very commonly used rod because of its alloy properties. Titanium is a very light weighted alloy which offers some great features such as it has high strength and it is a low corrosion structural metal. Moreover, it is widely used in the alloy forms for various important parts in the high-speed aircrafts as well. Furthermore, it also has good corrosion resistance properties, cavitations resistance, erosion resistance, which is helpful when used in various application process and industries.

Titanium is flexible alloys and has a capacity to retain back its original shapes after any bending or twisting process, due to its low modulus of elasticity thus it is excellent for modern industries usages. The Titanium Alloy Threaded Rod is also well known by another name commonly used in the industries as studs. It is a type of rods which are very long in length and are also thread from its top to bottom surface. In addition to this, it’s both ends are also fully threaded that is why it is known as threaded rods. When such rods are in bar stocks then it is commonly called as all-thread rods. They offer some outstanding features such as good ductility, weldability; they are durable and reliable for a longer duration of time.

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Some of the applications and industries where this amazing kind o rod is used are petrochemical industries, oil and gas industries, heat exchangers, combustion tubes, food processing industries, and many more. Some of the tests which our products go through are the chemical test, hardness test, destructive test, micro test, macro test, etc.

Specification of Titanium Threaded Rod
Standard : ASTM F468, ASTM F467
Dimension : ASTM, DIN, BS, GB, IS and all International Standards
Size : M6 to M52 & 1/4" to 2"
Length : 1000mm to 3000mm & 1feet to 12feet
Standard : DIN975
Materials / Grades : Titanium 600, 601, 625 / Titanium 800, 800H, 800HT, 825
Finish : Zinc Plated, Plain, Hot Dip Galv. & Yellow Zinc
Titanium Threaded Rods Grade

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Quality Assurance of Titanium Threaded Rod

Titanium Threaded Rod are manufactured and controlled to international standards such as ASTM, ASME, BS, MSS, EN, DIN or WERKSTOFFE. Our products undergo stringent quality tests before they are dispatched.