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Niko Steel Engg LLP is specializing in manufacturing and supplying the good quality of wider ranges of Inconel 601 washer. The washer is provided to the clients in both standard and custom-built specifications as per the demand of the industrialists. Washer in piping is the thin plate that is also having a hole that is used for distributing the weight of the threaded fasteners like nut/bolt. The washer is having OD that is 2 times more than the inner diameter. Washers are made up of using alloys such as Inconel, SS, etc. washers are very much important for assuring prevention all against the galvanic corrosion, mainly by insulating the steel screws from the aluminum faces.

Washers are divided into 3 types that are a plain washer, locking washer and spring washer. The plain washer spreads the load and also saves the surface being fixed and offers insulation like electrical. Locking washer is preventing loosening and fastening by saving the fastening device unscrewing rotation. Spring washer is having axial flexibility and this one is used for preventing both loosening and fastening that may occur because of vibrations. Inconel washers such as Inconel 601 fall into the family of molybdenum, nickel and chromium alloys. It is used because of the greater strength at the high temperature and also because of having very good resistance to corrosion ability. The high thermal stability is making an Inconel washer to be used in the service temperature (cryogen-982 deg C). The greater alloy content in the washer is enabling it in easily withstanding ranges of the harsh corrosive atmosphere.

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However, in the gentle surrounding like neutral salt, seawater, getting no attacks is possible on Alloy 601 washers. Additionally in the strict corrosive atmosphere, a combination of chromium-nickel is providing resistant ability to the oxidizing substances. The molybdenum and nickel content is supplying resistance to the non-oxidizing atmosphere. Inconel washer is offering very good balances of properties. It is like temperature stability, resistance to corrosion, toughness, strength. Thus all these are making it a good product for use in different applications. The test is strictly conducted on Inconel Alloy 601 washer for its quality checking. The test done is PMI-IGC test, hardiness test and so on.

Specification of Inconel 601 Washer
Standard : ASTM / ASME
Dimension : ASTM, DIN, BS, GB, IS and all International Standards
Length : M02 to M33
Washer Size : 3 mm to 200 mm
Materials / Grades : Inconel 601
Type : Plain Washer, Spring Washer, Tooth Washer, Tapper Washer, Tab Washer, Star Washer etc.
Other Properties of Inconel 601 Washer

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Other Inconel 601 Washer Types

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Quality Assurance of Inconel 601 Washers

Inconel Alloy 601 Washers are manufactured and controlled to international standards such as ASTM, ASME, BS, MSS, EN, DIN or WERKSTOFFE. Our products undergo stringent quality tests before they are dispatched.