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Niko Steel Engg LLP is one of the reputed brands in the manufacturing and supplying of premium quality Stainless Steel 321 Forgings. We also export our products to the entire world. We manufacture our products fulfilling the standard grades and so our products are certified. We also do various stress and reliability test of our products to ensure its quality. We have products of different sizes and also provide to manufacture custom based products for our clients. We have several satisfied customers all over the world.

Stainless steel comes from a nickel-chromium family with a maximum amount of iron. Stainless is known for its good strength, resistance to corrosion and has a shiny appearance. Stainless steel can be found in your home in the form of utensils and home appliances.

They are also present in the area around you in roofs of bus stops, big advertisement boards and also gates and roofs of some building.

Forging is a manufacturing process that is done to obtain a definite and desired shape to alloys or metals by applying local force. The forging can be done either warm temperatures or the cold ones depending on the nature of the metal. Many of the molded instruments in-home or in factories are examples of forged products. The final product is more reliable and has greater strength than the original metal. Forging is a cheaper and quicker process than casting or fabrication of metals.

Stainless steel is the best material to be forged as the final product can work in any stressful environment like that in chemical factories and marine or petroleum refining.

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These parts can also be washed and regularly sanitized hence used as the best option in making medical instruments. They can also handle stress so helps in making valves and used in landing gears of airplane. They are available in many sizes and custom sizes to choose from. 

The Stainless Steel 321 Forgings we made are of good quality. We also offer safe packaging and transportation of our products to prevent the products from being damaged. We also have plenty of reserved stock for our customers to fulfill any quantity of demands within a specific time.

Specification of SS 321 Forgings
Standard : ASTM A /SA 193 / 194
Dimension : ASTM,DIN, BS,GB, IS and all International Standards
Forged Between : 2300/1700ºF (1260/930ºC) and air cooled
Severe Reductions : Ingot breakdown, Roll forging, Drawing, Blocking and Backward extrusion- 2300ºF (1260ºC).
Moderate Reductions : Finish forging and upsetting- 2200ºF (1200ºC).
Slight Reductions : Coining, restriking and end upsetting- 2050ºF (1120º).
Type : Chain Link, D Shackle, Bow Shackle etc.
Other Properties of SS 321 Forgings

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Other Stainless Steel 321 Forgings Types

Open Die Forging, Closed Die Forging, Seamless Rolled Ring, Forged Discs, Mandrel Rings, Shafting & Bars, Crane Hooks, Step Shafts, Forged Flat Bars, Forged Circles, Forged Circular Plates, Forged Hollow Bars, Anchor Shackle, Safety Chain Shackle, Bolt Chain Shackle, Single Jack Chain, Lifting Chain, Double Loop Chain, Special Bow Shackle w/ No-Snag Pin, Joining Shackle, Long Link Chain.

Quality Assurance of SS 321 Forgings

Stainless Steel 321 Forgings are manufactured and controlled to international standards such as ASTM, ASME, BS, MSS, EN, DIN or WERKSTOFFE. Our products undergo stringent quality tests before they are dispatched.